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We all have dreams, hope, aspirations; a vision for our future. A future which is secured and content. But how does one get there? How to create that dream future for us and our loved ones? Financial planning- is the way to go about it. Setting your short-term and long-term financial goals and creating a path to achieve them is very necessary in today’s time. But how to plan for it? Whom to approach?- questions like these are likely to be holding your thoughts. Ease your mind now, for all your financial worries will be handled by a professional financial planner. An experienced and expert financial adviser will be the guiding force to help you to reach your goals.

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what is asset allocation ?

Financial assets vary from each other in terms of returns as they are subject to prevailing market conditions & investor risk bearing capacity. In order to strike a balance between risks & returns, a portfolio manager adjusts the percentage of an amount invested in an asset in accordance to the goals, investment time & risk tolerance of the investor.